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Snow in my eyes…

…couldn’t see the keyboard.  Or the calendar, apparently.  Where does the time go?  Sometimes into lethargy and uncertainty. Rainbow socks are complete, albeit small (photos to come this weekend).  How did that happen?  Didn’t I try the first one on?  It’s small both in girth and length.  Not so much that I can’t wear them but I doubt the length… Read more →

A long winter’s nap

This post is not about knitting.  One of my purposes in naming this site Entangled was that I cannot easily compartmentalize my life.  Things overlap and tangle together.  Knitting will be my mainstay here but I will not stop other bits from creeping in. This one is about gardening, which I am as passionate about as knitting.  I’ve only been… Read more →

What you do not see

Like the duck, all is calm on the surface while beneath I paddle like mad. Here’s is a pretty picture to distract you before we get into the talky bit with no pictures: I am working on pattern designs to send out to various knit magazines.  (Hence, no progress photos, sorry.)  It doesn’t help when some publishers change their deadlines… Read more →

Legwarmers are done and the joke’s on me

Noah loved his legwarmers. I don’t have a photo of this yet – these pics are pre-gifting so those are my legs. He also received a Buck knife from a friend of ours who was laughingly concerned for a young man who wanted mismatched legwarmers more than anything else. But one of Noah’s new hobbies is camping so the knife… Read more →

Baracking the Vote

8:15 am at the elementary school by my house: We waited about an hour.  I would say it was a long line but I think the line we waited in for the 2000 election was at least as long.  (Which, interesting side note, that was the same year as the evil dangling chad and we voted on the same sketchy… Read more →


A week ago the cold seeped into my bones and I began to dig for socks.  I prefer my feet as bare as possible for as long as the weather permits but once the cold sets in, I want good socks.  Warm but not too thick.  My dream came true when I discovered handknit wool socks.  They are warmer than… Read more →

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