Statement of Purpose


This booklet is meant for people who are new to Viking recreation and want a kit that is based on quality documentation.† This is my collection of patterns, research and advice for someone who is putting together their first set of Viking garb.† This is not the end-all authority, it is simply a starting place for those who are new to Viking garb.†


This is not meant to teach a person how to sew.† I leave that to others who are more capable.† Some of my patterns may be a little more complex then the standard t-tunic pattern, but I have tried to make them within the range of anyone who can sew a straight line. I recommend you take it piece by piece, and always use cheap pattern fabric for your first attempt.†


When looking in my bibliography, you will notice that I have not listed any primary resources.† This is done on purpose.† Most primary resources are expensive and hard to find.† I have instead tried to give you resources that you can find on the Internet.† It is my belief that most people today will start their research on the online.† I also think that many of people may never go beyond the internet.† While you can get very far this way, the problem is that many resources available on the net are horribly researched and provide false direction.†


In this booklet I have tried to sift through the vastness of the Internet and provided reference links that are of worth.† If you are inclined to do further research (which I recommend) you can go to these websites, and look at their bibliographies.