Men did wear jewelry but not in the same way as the women.† The wealth of the family seems to have been worn by the woman (more on that in the womanís section).† This does not leave the men without options.† Necklaces, pendants, arm rings, bracelets, and rings have all been found in male Viking graves.


The difficult part when advising someone on what to wear when it comes to jewelry is that there are a lot of regional variations.† Also designs changed over time.† I would recommend looking through some picture books on the Vikings to get an idea of the style of jewelry you would like to wear.


Because they are fairly universal, I would recommend a Viking man wear at the most a necklace with a pendant and 2 to 4 beads.† Menís graves from Birka have surprisingly few beads in them, for example.† Bracelets can also be worn.† The pieces for your jewelry can be purchased at most local SCA events, and on the internet.†