General Considerations


Vikings really liked to decorate things.† Even the most simple things like the ironing board were decorated.† Feel free to add as much decoration as you can to anything you make.† It will just make it look better.


Fabric Choices


During the Viking Age, fabric was made on warp-weighted looms.† This allowed for a surprising amount of variation in their fabric choices.


I would recommend sticking with wool and linen for your fabric choices.† Silk has also been found, but it was mostly in small amounts as a decorative fabric.† Look for light suiting wool, or linen for the majority of your clothes.†






















As for patterns, keep an eye out for small pattern twills.† Any of the following are good (see graphic):† 1. simple twills, 2. small checks, 3. herringbone twill, 4. houndstooth, 5. small plaids.† Fabrics of a solid color are fine as well but were less common than small patterns. They can however be a lot easier to find in a modern fabric store.†


Avoid big checks and tartan plaids.† While Vikings did wear big checks, most SCA people mistake them as purely Celtic.† Tartan plaids didnít come around until the Victorian period.


Feel free to dye your fabric.† Buy some white linen and dye it whatever color you want.† The† variety of colors you can get from natural dyes is amazing so donít hesitate to experiment with modern dyes.††† This is usually a lot easier then finding solid color linen for a tunic of under-dress.