Clothing Embellishments


Tablet or Inkle weaving are great ways to embellish your clothing.  It looks much better than store bought trim.  If you do end up purchasing trim, look for trim that appears to be embroidered instead of printed.  Personally, I would leave the edges plain rather than use bad trim.


Another way to decorate your clothing is with embroidery.  Simply covering up the machine stitches  around the neck and cuffs adds a really nice touch.  You can also use embroidery when rolling your hems and do it all in one step.  Your embroidery doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated.  Running stitch, stem stitch, and couching are all very easy and period.  A good reference for stitches is:








Another  authentic and easy way to decorate your cloths is to edge it with strips of fabric in a contrasting color. These can go around the neck, on the sleeve ends, and around the bottom hem. In addition, any visible seams can be covered with braided cords or with herringbone-stitch embroidery.

Neck openings may be oval, “keyhole” (round with a slit down the front), or even square with a slit down the front or side.  I think neck holes were surprisingly small.  My undershirt only has a 4”x4” square hole.  Without the slit, my head wouldn’t fit through.